The MEGA/TERA Series is equipped with a dual high-speed double arm tool changer with a 40-tool magazine*. The magazine is integrated to the machine with an isolated structure, eliminating vibrations to the column, thus improving accuracy and finishes. The dual speed double arm allows the operator to adjust the speed of the tool changer for oversized, heavy tools and probes motor allows the operator to adjust the speed of the tool changer for sensitive tools or probes, to ensure accuracy and reliability. The ATC recovery function in HMI is a standard feature that assists the operator in recovering the position of the arm and the tool.

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     The tool magazine is protected from the machining environment reducing chips and coolant from entering the magazine area.

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     ATC REAR OPERATION PANEL* and door allows access for loading, unloading and inspection of tools while the machine is in operation. Tools can be called up either by tool number or by pocket number.

    During manual operation the machine will continue cycle without interruption until ATC door is closed and the key is swtiched to automatic.

* Except MEGA 30V and TERA 40V.