DYPEC, Dynamic Predictive Error Compensation, corrects positioning error caused by thermal changes which improves accuracy and part finishes (resolution 0.1 µm.

    There are eight Thermal Sensors strategically located in the casting and the spindle. Those sensors send the information to the DYPEC software which corrects the positioning of each axis.

    Three Displacement Sensors are located in the ballscrews. These sensors detect the elongation of the screws and send the data to the software. With this data DYPEC can correct the positioning of each axis.

    DYPEC can correct the positioning of the machine within and stability of ±5 micron (±0.00019"). In the graphics and the videos below you can see different examples of DYCON test and real cutting cases using the predicitive compensation.

Recurso 6@3x-100c.jpg
Recurso 7@3x-100c.jpg
Recurso 8@3x-100c.jpg
Recurso 10@3x-100c.jpg
Recurso 12@3x-100c.jpg