Advanced Motion Control technology that benefits the production of Mold and Die components.

Highest Quality components to ensure fast and smooth cutting strategies.

4G SSS ((G05P20000) Motion Control processing speed of up to 270.000 blocks per minute.

DYPEC Thermal Compensation. Real time thermal growth compensation, monitoring every few milliseconds, with 0.1 microns compensations to ensure accuracies during long cycle times.

The MEGA/TERA Series has been refined through years of research and development of new technologies that greatly enhance the machines for the rigors of the Mold and Die industry.​


Micro Dynamics optional 20,000 rpm spindle, available on all models, delivers 35 kW (47 HP) of power and 119 Nm  (88 ft-lb) of torque. This allows for fine finishes while still achieving high material removal rates in a wide range of material types.